Can't decide? Get all the photos you're in as full quality softcopy digital files. 
Yep, you heard us right. Just buy any one photo you're in using this package and during checkout in the "instructions" box put the numbers that appear below all of the photos from this event that you'd like and we'll send them to you, whether it's 2, 10 or hundreds! (In the shopping cart, click where it says "Instructions: None". Ranges of numbers are acceptable - eg. all photos from 1234-20140322 to 1255-BW-20140322 inclusive and 1301-20140322 to 1326-BW-20140322 inclusive and...)
Although digital, this package is processed manually. Your order will be checked and your photos will be sent over via email link.
-This is valid for one person only: you must be in all of the photos that you want. 
-This is an experimental product and we reserve the right to withdraw it from sale at any time without notice - get it whilst you can!
-Only valid for photos where this product appears in the pricelist.(Generally this just means large yeargroup type photos are excluded)
Royalty-free personal use:
Allowed to use the purchased item strictly for personal purposes only.