Northern Universities Dance Championships 2012 Photo Galleries

All of the photos are available as prints (usually delivered in 48 hours) and digital downloads (delivered instantly).

Photos are organised into a few categories that you can browse below - there are a lot of dance photos so we'd recommend browsing the dance photos in the following way - first, check the "sorted by number" dance photos for your number. Favourite all the ones you like. Next, look at the unsorted folder and see if there are any we've not been able to sort and add those to your favourites too. After that, go into the "dances sorted by discipline" folder - these are THE SAME PHOTOS as the sorted by number ones, just presented in a different way. Add any that you like to your favourites. Now you can just browse your favourites for the dance photos, along with the general room, general people and awards photos.

Note on logos
The embossed C and watermark will not appear on any prints you order or downloads you purchase. The NUDC & sponsor logos will appear on all products.

Note on sharpness
Whilst we've done our best to make sure that only perfectly sharp photos make it onto the galleries, unfortunately blurry ones might have slipped through. Often images are taken in sequence so if you find a blurry one there should be a similar image close by that is sharp. If you're in any doubt please contact us to check image quality before making a purchase.
If you encounter any difficulties please contact us - [email protected]


Rob & Isaac

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